LTER Zöbelboden, Austria, Runoff Catchment 2000-2019

Basic Information
Discharge at the main measuring weir (Station 551) at LTER Zöbelboden as calculated based on the gauging station’s rating curve and 15 min water level sensor data. When using the data, please take into account, that this is a karst area with uncertain catchment boundaries. The runoff at the main measuring weir does therefore not represent the true total runoff of the catchment. The best estimate of the catchment area representing the main measuring weir is 576000 m². For more details see Hartmann, A.; Kralik, M.; Humer, F.; Lange, J.; Weiler, M. Identification of a karst system’s intrinsic hydrodynamic parameters: upscaling from single springs to the whole aquifer. Environmental Earth Sciences 2011, 1–13, doi:10.1007/s12665-011-1033-9.
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