LTER Baixo Sabor: Long term monitoring of freshwater fish - Sabor watershed [2012 - 2020]

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The dataset contains records of Fishes (Pisces) collected in the River Sabor (NE Portugal) in 2012-2020, in the scope of a study aiming to understand the temporal dynamics of fish communities in relation to natural and anthropogenics drivers in a Mediterranean watershed. The study is part of research carried out at the Long Term Ecological Research Site (LTER) of Baixo Sabor (lter_eu_pt_002; The dataset includes data on fish communities obtained through electro-fishing (with restitution) at 74 sampling sites in 2012, and subsequently at 37 of these sites from 2013-2020. Until 2020, the data include a total of 27,514 records of 14 freshwater fish species. Part of these data has already been analised and published (see Ferreira et al., 2016; Mota-Ferreira et al., 2021). The dataset will be regularly updated with additional data from future sampling years.
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Friday, May 7, 2021 - 18:25
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Beja P, Motta-Ferreira M, Filpe A F, Carona S, Henrique P, Severino R, Ivone S, Henrique S, Prata D, Lopes J, Guilherme J, Barradas J, Cereja R, Pace G, Rosa I, Pinto M, Agudelo W, Buzzo G, Sá F, Quaglietta L, Pereira N, Múrias T (2021). LTER Baixo Sabor: Long term monitoring of freshwater fish - Sabor watershed [2012 - 2020]. Version 1.1. CIBIO (Research Center in Biodiversity and Genetic Resources) Portugal. Sampling event dataset accessed via on 2021-05-07.
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