Rosalia Lehrforst Austria - Hydrological processes in a forest catchment in Rosalia Lehrforst - Austria 2015-2019

Basic Information
This repository contains the datasets collected by a monitoring network of 4 discharge gauging stations, 7 rain-gauges, together with observations of air and water temperature, relative humidity and conductivity. In four profiles, soil water content and temperature are recorded in different depths. In 2019, additionally a program to collect isotopic data in precipitation and discharge was started. On one site, also Nitrate, TOC and turbidity are monitored. All data collected since 2015, including in total 56 high resolution time series data (10 min sampling interval), are provided to the scientific community.

Updates are planned annually, as soon as the raw data of the previous year are checked for plausibility.
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Wednesday, July 21, 2021 - 13:39
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Fürst, Josef, Nachtnebel, Hans Peter, Gasch, Josef, Nolz, Reinhard, Stockinger, Michael Paul, Stumpp, Christine, & Schulz, Karsten. (2020). Rosalia: an experimental research site to study hydrological processes in a forest catchment - data repository (Version 1.0.0) [Data set]. Zenodo.