Mar Piccolo of Taranto phytobenthos 1987-1988

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Floristic list of macrophytes (seaweeds and phanerogams) collected in the Mar Piccolo in the years 1987-1988. For each species the location in the basin, the month of collection and the phenology was reported.

A qualitative study was performed in 1987-1988 to assess the composition in species of the macrophytobenthos of the Mar Piccolo of Taranto.
Forty-eight stations were bi-monthly monitored, 20 in the First Inlet (10 in the Intertidal and 10 in the sublittoral) and 28 in the Second Inlet (16 in the Intertidal and 12 in the sublittoral). A total of 86 taxa were recorded: 24 Chlorophyta, 10 Ochrophyta, 51 Rhodophyta, 1 Tracheophyta. 4 species were non-indigenous (NIS).
For the location of the stations see [Cecere E., Cormaci M., Furnari G. 1991. The marine algae of Mar Piccolo, Taranto (Southern-Italy): A re-assessment. Botanica Marina 34: 221-227]
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Petrocelli A., Saracino O.D., Cecere E. - Mar Piccolo phytobenthos 1987-1988
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