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Trnava LTSER

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LTSER Trnava is located in the south-west Slovakia, in territory of one city (Trnava) and 22 rural municipalities with total area of 364 km2. Arable land dominate (75.1 %), followed by forests (13.1%), water bodies (0.5%), vineyards, orchards and gardens. The main part of the LTSER (central and southern parts) is located in the Danubian Lowland. Because of the best, most fertile soils and favourable climatic condition, it is intensively used for agriculture, especially as arable land. In this part of LTSER is located the largest settlement – Trnava. It represents the administrative centre of the county and region with highest population, trade and industry. Hilly northwest part of the LTSER, located in the Little Carpathians Mts. belongs to the Malé Karpaty Protected Landscape Area. This is the only large protected area having vineyard character in Slovakia; vineyards forms transition belt between lowland arable land and forested hills/mountains. Several types of deciduous forests are developed – oak-hornbeam and beech forests are most common, in steeper sites are developed ravine forest dominated by ash and maple. The LTSER represents intensively used industrial and agricultural area with specific environmental problems (strong degree of contamination of environment, the degradation processes of agricultural land, etc.) and low degree of ecological stability. Use of the most productive soils for construction of industrial parks represents a significant environmental issue.

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36 383.00ha

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The LTSER platform was developed in course of more than 30 years of landscape-ecological and socio-ecological research started in 1985. Initially the research was focused to natural components of the landscape, later extended by evaluation of socio-economic conditions, stakeholder involvement (participatory approach) and finally by sociological research addressing the general public. The main research topics include: 1) Mapping and evaluation of representative geo-ecosystems (REPGES), ecosystem services and green infrastructure, 2) Land use and ecosystem changes, their driving forces and impacts, 3) Sustainable development and integrated landscape planning, 4) Quality of life. Good cooperation with local and regional institutions, communes, schools is important feature of this LTSER. For education we built environmental laboratory (eco-centre, eco-laboratory and educational path).

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Research started in 1985, original focus to natural landscape parameter changed gradually by inclusion of socio-economic aspects, stakeholder involvement, education and work with general public. In 2015 the LTSER Trnava was officially adopted to the national network LTER Slovakia.

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  • Intensively used agricultural land
    Intensively used agricultural land
  • Water reservoir Sucha
    Water reservoir Sucha
  • Vineyards on slopes of Male Karpaty Mts.
    Vineyards on slopes of Male Karpaty Mts.
  • Stakeholder meeting in 2012
    Stakeholder meeting in 2012
  • Water reservoir Sucha nad Parnou
    Water reservoir Sucha nad Parnou


Latitude: 48.376203000000
Longitude: 17.579130000000