Marine research station "Zmiinyi island" - Ukraine

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Marine research station "Zmiinyi island"

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Marine Research Station “Zmiinyi Island” (ZMN) of the Odessa National I. I. Mechnikov University (ONU) is located on the Zmiinyi Island (45°15'22.0" N and 30°12'03.8" E) in the north western Black Sea (NWBS) about 35-40 km far from the Danube Delta.

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The ZMN site is a representative site for atmospheric background monitoring due to the distance from the anthropogenic sources of atmospheric pollution (Medinets et al., 2008; Medinets and Medinets, 2010, 2012; Medinets, 2014). Besides, the remote ZMN site with a minimal anthropogenic activity is actively used for carrying out the integrated environmental monitoring to assess State of Environment of the NWBS.

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The Marine research station "Zmiinyi ilsand" was established in 2003 by Regional Centre of Integrated Environmental Monitoring (RCIEM) of Odessa National I. I. Mechnikov University (ONU) for performing an integrated environmental monitoring (marine, coastal and atmospheric) as a representative site for NW part of the Black Sea. Regular measurements and observations of the main parameters have been carrying out and a number of targeted research campaigns have been conducted since then.

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Latitude: 45.256111000000
Longitude: 30.201055000000