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The ecological station is situated in the Yundola place in the Rila Mountain in Central South Bulgaria on an area of 321 hectares at an altitude of 1500 m. It includes 10 plots with different exposition and density of tree vegetation. The plots are equipped with controlled measuring systems. The open areas region is covered by dense coniferous forests of herbaceous species on the age of about 150 years. The river network is dense and includes small permanent and numerous temporary streams with high velocity. The stations were founded in 1961. However, the regular observations have started since 1964-1965. The ecological station in Yundola is a part of a Training Experimental Forest Enterprise. Much other investigations, experiments, and students training, concerning almost all components of the forest ecosystems are carried out there since its creation in the beginning of the sixties. For example, studies were performed on: the characteristics of soil and litter forest cover, the forest stand and the regeneration, the understanding of run-off chemistry and leaf mass biochemistry, the fertilizing, the influence of logging technology of water supply, soil protection, growth functions of the forests, the precipitation chemistry in case of air pollution, etc.
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The main purpose of the station is the systematic study of the processes of liquid and solid run-off formation with a special emphasis on the role of forest ecosystems and the factors of coniferous forest management. The information provides the opportunity of making "background" assessments of the effect of the selection, shelter-wood and clear cutting. Another basic aim of the studies is to reveal the main factors, relationships and forms of display of water erosion.
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