IT25 - Val Mazia/Matschertal - Italy

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IT25 - Val Mazia/Matschertal

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The first data in the Matsch| Mazia valley was collected in the year 2008. Originally aimed at studying climatic change impacts on dry mountain grassland, the measuring activities have been strongly expanded throughout the years. Today's activities on the site include process-oriented ecological research covering time (historical analysis, actual processes and future scenarios ) and space (from plot to landscape scale among different ecosystems) within a human-influenced catchment. The valley is situated in the central Alps in the westernmost part of South Tyrol in North Italy. Matsch is a side valley of the Vinschgau valley, and extends over 90 km2 reaching from 950 m.a.s.l. to 3700 at the highest peak. The main village Matsch is located at 1600 m and has 458 inhabitants.Due to its protected location in the central Alps, the Mazia/Matsch valley represents one of the driest spots within the whole alpine range, with a mean annual precipitation of 525mm at 1500m.a.s.l (1950-2010)

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90 000.00ha

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The site was established as a reference site for studying effects of climatic changes (especially drought) on mountain ecosystems and as a model region which covers most of the typical mountain land-use types (grazed inner-alpine dry grassland, montane and subalpine meadows, larch/Swiss stone pine forests, alpine headwaters, and glacier forfields) within a small extension and therefore is perfectly suited for investigation of climate- and land-use change interactions.

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Latitude: 46.692800000000
Longitude: 10.615700000000

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