Estación Atacama UC - Oasis de Niebla Alto Patache - Chile

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Estación Atacama UC - Oasis de Niebla Alto Patache

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Alto Patache

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The Alto Patache fog oasis is located in northern Chile, 70 km south of Iquique, Tarapacá Region. This Oasis is located along the Coastal Range of Norte Grande, in the Atacama Desert, known for its remarkable aridity. The influence of coastal fog allows the development of a specially adapted vegetation, which provides habitat suitable for animal species.

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1 114.00ha

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Research, Conservation, Education

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Since 1998 researchers from UC had been recording fog water collection and behavior in the site, in 2008 the government transfer the land for 25 years to develop environmental education, conservation and research. Actually, there are national and international universities working in the site in topics like fog water quality and potential, fog ecosystems, climate change, sun energy and different applications and technologies, sustainable housing, seismic research, among others. There is a basic infrastructure to lodge people, students and investigators from a broad range as school to undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

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  • Estación Atacama UC - Alto Patache
  • Atrapaniebla
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Latitude: -20.820000000000
Longitude: -70.155556000000

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