Asa Field-research Infrastructure (LTER) - Sweden

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Asa Field-research Infrastructure (LTER)

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The Asa LTER site consists of 5 subsites; the Asa Experimental Forest, the Asa Experimental Production Forest, the FutMon-sites Sandbäcken and Ängavägen, and the IM site Aneboda. The Asa LTER site is situated in the nemo-boreal forest in south-central Sweden. It consists of five areas, integrated both geographically and thematically. The Asa Research Station has on-site permanent staff responsible for research and monitoring activities. Field laboratories and modern equipment are available as well as offices, lecture/meeting rooms, working rooms and lodging nearby.
General Characteristics, Purpose, History

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2 700.00ha

Purpose of Site : 

The purpose of the site is to be a platform for ecological and forestry research and monitoring. It provides an infrastructure that facilitates the research and monitoring activities and also provides background information, eg. forest description, weather data, soil and bedrock characteristics and historic land use.

Research Topics: 


  • Tree species experiment, as seen with LIDAR and aerial photo
  • Biomass sampling, Norway spruce
  • Thinning experiment, Norway spruce
  • Site map, Asa LTER
  • Forest management research is the main objective
  • Phenology studies of trees and plants
    Phenology assessments and climate-induced damage
  • Small catchments are monitored
    Catchment monitoring in the Asa Experimental Production Forest
  • Remote phenology monitoring with drones
    Remote phenology monitoring with drones
  • Drone image of the Nybygget flux tower
    Flux tower, as seen from a drone


Latitude: 57.164325000000
Longitude: 14.782713000000