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The Erken station and lake is located in the Uppland area in east-central Sweden surrounded by a hemi-boreal landscape. The bedrock consists mainly of gneiss and granites overlayed by glacial and postglacial clay deposits. The extensive environmental monitoring program for Lake Erken includes both manual and high-frequency automatic measurements. The program includes one of the longest available measurements series of water temperature and water chemistry as well as plankton community analyses, including sampling stations in the lake as well as all in- and outlets. More recently, greenhouse gas flux measurements also became part of the monitoring programme. The field station was founded 1946 and belongs to Uppsala University. It is running all year round with a staff of about ten people. The station is also part of the Swedish Infrastructure for Ecosystem Science (SITES).
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The main purpose of the station is to provide an infrastructure for field research in the areas of limnology, biogeochemistry, hydrology, ecology, and related areas. The Erken station maintains a long-term monitoring programme of water quality in Lake Erken which includes manual sampling and measurements (water chemistry, plankton composition) at weekly to monthly intervals and bi-weekly to monthly measurements at the in- and outflows. The monitoring programme of the lake includes automated high-frequency measurements (e.g. temperature, oxygen and fluorescene profiles). Data from the monitoring programme is freely available for researchers. In addition, the station also has infrastructure for mesocosms experiments and can support work in other surrounding lakes as well.
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