Doode Bemde - Belgium

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Doode Bemde

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Dyle Valley

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The site comprises 4 km stretch of a complete alluvial floodplane managed as a private nature reserve some 10 kilometer upstream of the city of Leuven. Since 1990, human interference in the river channel has stopped resulting in a spontaneous meander evolution and roughening of the river channel. This has induced frequent (e.g. yearly) inundations, thus avoiding flood damage in the city of Leuven downstream and this without creating the usual storm basins.

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Monitoring of the meander movements, the ground- and surface water dynamics and chemistry, the vegetation evolution is carried out by INBO and the Flanders Environmental Agency (VMM).

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Up to 1990 the majority of the site was in low intensity agricultural use. The alluvial character of the river and thus the floodplain didn't exist anymore due to drainage works. Since then the majority of the site was managed as a private nature reserve. Due to flood damage prevention plans for the city of leuven some 10 km downstream, a combination of wetland and alluvial river restoration was carried out as an alternative for the 'traditional' storm storage basin creation.

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Latitude: 50.816667000000
Longitude: 4.647222000000