Gontrode - Aelmoeseneie Forest - Belgium

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Gontrode - Aelmoeseneie Forest

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The Aelmoeseneie Forest is a 28.5 ha mixed deciduous forest in the community of Gontrode, just southeast of Ghent. The largest part of the forest is ‘ancient forest’, i.e. it is permanently forested since before 1775, while the forest is surrounded by agricultural land (mostly pastures). The soil consists of a silt loam to loam soil (Planosol), overlaying a mosaic of tertiary clayey and sandy deposits with high base saturation starting at 50 cm depth. Forest management is designed to obtain a more natural tree species composition and to conserve biodiversity. More info can be found at www.aelmoeseneiebos.ugent.be.

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Since 1969 this forest was put at the disposal of the Department of Environment of Ghent University, where it serves an important educational and scientific role. Most research activities are concentrated in a marked scientific zone of 1.83 ha. The scientific zone contains an ICP Forests Level I plot , in which the condition of the trees is monitored. Also a Level II plot (0.25 ha) is located in the scientific zone, in which the effects of air pollution on the forest ecosystem are monitored, according to standard protocols. The scientific zone also contains a 35 m high meteorological tower since 1993. Furthermore, many projects, PhD and MSc theses, of both ForNaLab (www.fornalab.ugent.be) and the Laboratory of Plant Ecology (www.plantecology.ugent.be), have been conducted in the forest.

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