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Lake Shinji and Lake nakaumi are coupled coastal lagoon lake systems in Japan, and these lakes have suffered detrimental efects by human activities, especially during the last 40 years, because of the big national projects aiming at desalination and reclamation of these lakes. In the year 2000, however, the land reclamation project in Lake Nakaumi was officially discontinued, leaving Honjou area unreclaimed. Shortly thereafter, desalination project was also terminated. This was the end of a large and expensive series of public works projects, and in 2005, these two lakes were included in the list of wetlands of international importance, and the efforts to restore the lakes are undergone.
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Designation of Lakes Shinji and Nakaumi for inclusion in the list of wetlands of international importance is not a final goal but a first step towards the restoration of the degraded lake ecosystem. This is an opportunity for us to come up with the grand design for these lakes and their watershed, a plan which must establish clear goals for the next 10 years and for the next 100 years. This will only be achieved rightly through the ‘wise use’ concept of the Ramsar Convention. Before starting the restoration project of the lakes, we have to set the goal, a general statement about desired project outcome.
In 1992, shimane University etablished the Research Center for Coastal Lagoon Environments (ReCCLE) to promote basic research aimed at solving environmental and social problems in estuaries and coastal areas. The associated Nakaumi Field Laboratory opened in 1997.
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