Delta del Po e Costa Romagnola - Italy

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Delta del Po e Costa Romagnola

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The site is equipped with two fixed stations: a meteo-oceanographic buoy (E1 buoy) and an elastic beacon equipped with meteo-oceanographic sensors (S1-GB beacon). The fixed stations were deployed in the framework of a multidisciplinary research project that uses automated stations to study the marine environment, in cooperation between the Insitute of Marine Science (ISMAR) in Bologna (CNR) and other public and governmental Research Institutes. The S1 buoy was installed in 2004 at the Po river Delta and recently (2015) implemented being now an elastic beacon. The E1 buoy is off the coast of Rimini town measuring in near real-time meteo and physico-chemical oceanographic parameters at different depths in the water column. It records every 5-10-15-30 minutes atmospheric pressure, air temperature, relative humidity, wind speed , wind gust, wind direction, net solar radiation, water temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen, fluorescence, turbidity, speed and direction of the currents, height, direction and period of the wawes . The data are transmitted via GSM and downloaded (on average every 2-4 hours) at the Data Center of the Institute of ISMAR in Bologna. Data are daily validated and analysed, in order to be used for different studies.

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- monitoring of the main oceanographic and biogeochemical characteristics in a coastal area representative for the Northern and Central Adriatic Sea;

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The areas in front of the Po river delta and the Romagna coast are affected by wide euthropication and mucilaginous phenomena by decades so they are considered favourable environments for the development of ipo-anoxic events. For these reason a fixed buoys and an elastic beacon has been installed to the scope to monitor and study these phenomena. In the April 2004, a meteoceanographic buoy was installed in the S1 site (, located SE of the delta of the Po di Goro, in the influence area of the main stream of the Po river: this area has been intensively studied over the years, both in the sediment and in the water column, and is considered a key area for the study of interactions between the river Po and the Adriatic basin. During 2016 the S1 system was configured as an elastic beacon In August 2006 was installed a second buoy, E1,located N of the Rimini coast appostively dedicated to develop the studies on ipo-anoxic processes, implemet and validate models for oceanographic forecasting and create Decision Supporting System (

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  • S1-GB elastic beacon
  • E1 buoy
    E1 buoy


Latitude: 44.750500000000
Longitude: 12.468970000000