VLIZ Marine Observatory - Belgium

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VLIZ Marine Observatory

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Marine Observatory

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To support the marine biodiversity and ecosystem dynamics research community in Belgium, the Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ) has set up a local marine biodiversity observatory.

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345 400.00ha

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This marine observatory aims to apply innovative techniques to generate long term data series that can support marine biodiversity studies on plankton, benthos, fish, birds and mammals. State of the art sensors are deployed in the field to gather high resolution data on occurrence and behavior of marine organisms and their environment. The observatory combines the installation of sensor networks at selected locations with monthly surveys on the Belgian Part of the North Sea using the Simon Stevin research vessel. The assembled infrastructure includes a flow cytometer for fytoplankton characterisation, video plankton and zooscan for zooplankton imaging, acoustic telemetry devices for fish detection, web cams and GPS trackers for bird observation and tracking, acoustic hydrophones for mammal detection, etc. The construction and operation of this observatory is part of the Flemish contribution to the Lifewatch ESFRI, which is funded by the Hercules foundation, now part of Research Fund - Flanders (FWO).

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Latitude: 51.464833000000
Longitude: 2.704444000000