Fray Jorge Experimental Site - Chile

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Fray Jorge Experimental Site

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The Fray Jorge experimental site is located inside the Fray Jorge National Park, in the Region of Coquimbo. Its characteristic vegetation is Mediterranean and at the top of the coastal range exists evergreen temperate forests (cloud forests). The climate is Mediterranean with coastal influence.

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9 959.00ha

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The purpose of this site is to develop ecological research on semi-arid ecosystems, particularly scrub and its associated fauna, as well as studying the ecology of a temperate forest that subsists through fog. Tourism is also developed, because the site is located inside a National Park.

History of Site: 

The park was created in 1941 to preserve one of the most unique ecosystems in Chile. Its particular characteristic is that it is the northernmost remnant of valdiviano rain rainforest being isolated from the rest of temperate forest by the disappearance of these product end of the last glacial period. This remnant was sustained by a particular weather phenomenon, which is the condensation of coastal fog (camanchaca) product crossing the Humboldt current with winds from the sea. This creates a particularly humid environment -already in maintaining a degree of deterioration important- forest characteristics.

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Latitude: -30.380000000000
Longitude: -71.400000000000