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LTSER Zone Atelier Environnementale Urbaine
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air pollution
biodiversity in the city
ecological transition
health and mobility
land use evolution
remote sensing
storm mitigation systems
urban agriculture
urban metabolism
urban socioecosystem
water and risk
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The LTSER Zone Atelier Environnementale Urbaine belongs to LTER-France network and is located in eastern France.The Zone Atelier Environnementale Urbaine ZAEU was created in 2010. It focuses on urban area and urban socioecosystem research questions. The main objective is to define how to facilite an harmonious development according to the city needs without badly impacting the natural system around. The Eurometropole of Strasbourg is a close partner of the ZAEU: local authorities participate to the research experimentations and observation campains. Six working groups are dealing with natural systems in order to better understand the urban ecosystem (biodiversity, hydrology, air and climate, urban metabolism) and the socio system (social and economic dimensions of the society and the individuals, groups behavior and values, politics strategies). In the working groups, we study issues like hydrological system processes in the urban area, population health, energy consomption and production at the city scale, pollutions and contaminations of the various spheres, refusal management with regards to the context of global changes, sustainable development and transitions (economy, ecology, energy).
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The ZAEU is an environmental monitoring system on urban areas. The research teams are working in relation with regional public collectivities and communities to define the main study issues and objectives. The ZAEU structures researches on complex issues related to natural processes and social dynamics. Multiscale drivers are proposed in relation with the ones used by public authorities. Observations processes has been set up for biodiversity, hydrology and the nature restoration, run off water mitigation system for example. Experimentations fields complete the modelling developments on hydrosystem and atmospheric sphere as well as the urban spread. Remote sensing or cartographic data are already available. Perception or behavioral data have also been collected for various purposes.
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