Bosland - Belgium

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Bosland consists of 3 municipalities Lommel, Overpelt and Hechtel-Eksel with a total area of 21982ha. From this area, 9500 ha is nature and forest which consists largely of coniferous stands on sandy soil intermixed with remnants of heathland and landdunes.

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21 982.00ha

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Using the spatial qualities of the overall landscape and in a sustainable and social integrated way, Bosland aims for the realisation of the biggest child friendly forest of Flanders as a trump for regional development. This vision is concretized in the 5 following strategic objectives: 1. Making the heritage values visible and identifiable, Bosland wants to connect the inhabitants with their local region and landscape history 2. The unique ecosystem of Bosland is managed and developed in a sustainable way so that our nature continues to supply products and services to society 3. By implementing a specific management of the natural resources, the unique biodiversity in Bosland will be conserved and will blossom 4. Bosland strives for a maximal acceptance and sense of responsability for the project by means of the involvement of all different kind of stakeholders. 5. By developing an adapted offer for families, youth organisations and active adventurers Bosland distinguishes itself as a welcoming forest

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Latitude: 51.165100000000
Longitude: 5.308800000000

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