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Western Gulf of Finland LTER site WelFin
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The WelFin LTER-site is located at the Hanko peninsula, at the entrance to the Gulf of Finland. The activities are largely focused to the coastal areas surrounding Tvärminne Zoological Station (University of Helsinki); a marine station established in 1902. The site is well equipped to meet the research demands, offering differently sized research vessels, field equipment, a range of climate chambers, and modern analytical instrumentation. A large part of the surrounding area is a nature reserve, to be used only for science and education. Many of the partners of this site have a long history of scientific collaboration. Although high-quality basic research continues to be at the heart of the site’s activities, many of the research questions nowadays include aspects of human induced long-term change.
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The aim of the site is to maintain and strengthen the research facilities and activities related to the understanding of the coastal ecosystem, and to offer continued and improved capacities to make use of the background and monitoring data of the region. The need for the site's services is emphasized by ongoing habitat changes in the Western Gulf of Finland driven by forces from local (e.g. physical disturbance) to global (e.g. climate change) scales. The research themes involved in the Western Gulf of Finland LTER site are: i) nutrients and eutrophication, ii) ice ecology, iii) littoral and benthic studies, iv) plankton ecology and harmful algal blooms, v) fish population dynamics, vi) bird population dynamics, and vii) population biology and genetics in terrestrial habitats.
Aerial view of Tvärminne Zoological Station

Aerial view of Tvärminne Zoological Station

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