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Whim Bog
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United Kingdom
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Whim bog offers a globally unique comparison of how the main N forms affect semi-natural vegetation, with meteorological data and treatment history since 2002. A quantified ammonia concentration / deposition gradient, is provided, plus a wet deposition system, comparing oxidized (NaNO3) and reduced N (NH4Cl), where treatments are meteorology dependent. ie. wind direction and rainfall frequency define the treatment exposure(~120 events y-1). Wet plots are large (13m²) and there are 4 replicates per treatment. Opportunities exist to evaluate a whole range of ecosystem services from conservation to carbon sequestration, GHG emissions and water chemistry in addition to understanding how changes in vegetation affect the delivery of these services.
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The Whim experimental bog is a globally unique study of how peatland ecosystems respond to different levels and forms of nitrogen (N) deposition. In operation since 2002, the field manipulation experiment provides a quantified ammonia (NH3) concentration/deposition gradient to an ombrotrophic bog, plus separate wet treatments comparing different levels of oxidized (NaNO3) and reduced (NH4Cl) N deposition. The site also includes treatments with phosphorus and potassium (K2HPO4) at two N doses to compare N effects with and without limitations of other nutrients. Since 2017 an ozone (O3) fumigation system is added to the site to study the combined effects of nitrogen and ozone.
overview of the site
due to the effect of N-dry deposition the Eriophorum and grasses the dominating vegetation
Sphagnum with different stages of N-damage
sprayers at the wet deposition plots
inside the shed
part of the O3 transect
O3 transect during the winter
to avoid damage to the site we us a spandeck to reach the vegetation in the plots
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