OZCAR-RI HYBAM Hydrology and Geochemistry of the Amazon basin - France

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OZCAR-RI HYBAM Hydrology and Geochemistry of the Amazon basin
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HYBAM observatory runs a network of 17 stations for hydrological, sediment and geochemistry sampling in the Amazon basin. The infrastructure is shared between the partners in each country including France, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia and Equator. ADCPs are used for river water flow measurements. Samples are processed in different laboratories at Manaus and Brasilia University (Brazil), Lima University (Peru) and Toulouse University (GET laboratory in France). For comparisons with other large tropical rivers, one stations is maintained along the Orinoco River (Venezuela) and Congo River (Congo) HYBAM data are used in a large variety of programs in relation to hydrology, geomorphology, geochemistry, climatology, climate change, carbon cycle, remote sensing and isotopic tracers. The data produced by the HYBAM observatory are made available online on its website (www.ore-hybam.org) to provide to the research community long term assessments on the hydrology of world largest basin.
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