Tomakomai Experimental Forest - Japan

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Tomakomai Experimental Forest

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Tomakomai Experimental Forest (TOEF) was established in 1904, as a field of research and education about forest science. The forest covers 2,715ha of lowland area near the Tomakomai city, and it has been used as a study site in various field of research and education for many years.

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2 715.00ha

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The purposes of TOEF are to elucidate 1) the quantity of biodiversity for various organisms, 2) the maintenance mechanisms of diversity and abundance of forest community by a bottom up approach, 3) an ecosystem function with diversity of consumers and decomposers along a gradient of producer diversity, 4) maintenance mechanisms of biodiversity by installing the large scale and ecosystem level manipulations. The role of the field station is not limited to ecological researches. TOEF is open to citizens for hiking, nature observation and recreation, and a botanical garden and artificial marsh provide educational role in ecology at the region.

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Tomakomai Experimental Forest, hereafter TOEF was established in 1904, as a field of research and education about forest science. Most of the present facilities were constructed within the last 30 years.

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Latitude: 42.683400000000
Longitude: 141.583000000000