Ore estuary (Orefjarden), Umea Marine Sciences Centre (LTER) - Sweden

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Ore estuary (Orefjarden), Umea Marine Sciences Centre (LTER)

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Öre estuary

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Umeå Marine Sciences Centre produces long term marine time series in the coastal and off-shore environments of the Gulf of Bothnia. The Ore estuary is proposed as the primary study area for the LTER initiative. This is a particularly intensively studied brackish water body with records back to the 1980´s. The estuary is 71.2 km^2 with an average depth of 10 m and maximum depth of 32 m. Salinity is between 1-3 g/kg. The Ore river discharge into the estuary and long term ecological time series i available also from the river. The watershed is dominated by boreal forest and mires.

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Latitude: 63.564300000000
Longitude: 19.836400000000