Sozopol - Black Sea - Bulgaria

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Sozopol - Black Sea

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The Laboratory of Marine Ecology is one of the field stations of IBER-BAS, based in the town of Sozopol on the coast of the Black Sea. It is provided with upgraded equipment and modern laboratory facilities necessary for carrying out investigations on the biodiversity and functioning of the coastal marine ecosystems. The laboratory is equipped with facilities for general ecological studies, a chemical and instrumental laboratory, microscopes and stereomicroscopes and a workshop. Main scientific equipment: spectrophotometer and instruments for sediment and water sampling and analysis, a combined pH/dissolved oxygen/conductivity measuring Instrument (WTW), microscopes and equipment for phytoplankton and microbiological research. The laboratory uses SCUBA diving equipment and possesses a small research vessel suitable for work in the coastal zone.

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1 033.00ha

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The main research areas include marine ecology studies in the shallow coastal zone; long-term functional monitoring of coastal marine ecosystems; assessment of ecosystem services; assessment of the anthropogenic pressures and impacts in the coastal zone, including eutrophication and hydrocarbon contamination; assessment of the ecological status and health of the ecosystems and development and implementation of ecological status indices; molecular biology studies based on bar codding; scientific basis for the management of coastal ecosystems.

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  • Benthic ecology
    Undisturbed sedimen cores collection
  • Research vessel
    Research vessel
  • Pelagial studies
    Water column sampling
  • Microscope facilities
    Fish otolith measurements
  • General ecological laboratory
    Macroalgae samples processing
  • Chemical laboratory
    Nutrients analyses
  • Laboratory vessel
    Monitoring survey mission
  • Benthic studies
    Macrozoobenthos onboard samle processing
  • Bentic studies
    Rocky bottom benthic community survey


Latitude: 42.417100000000
Longitude: 27.696000000000