Forest of Meerdaal - Belgium

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Forest of Meerdaal

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Forest of Meerdaal

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The Forest of Meerdaal is situated on the Belgian loess belt about 25 km south-east of Brussels. It is an ancient woodland site, previously managed as coppice with standards, well known history (up to the middle ages). It is managed as multifunctional forest containing strict forest reserves with dense sampling grid (measured every decade). its proximity to the university make it an ideal research subject. Over the years many different studies have been conducted and documented.

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2 071.00ha

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Monitoring of the changes in the forest ecosystem under a zero management regime (as a strict forest reserve).

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The Forest of Meerdaal has long been used for scientific purposes. Since the 1990 more systematic data collection has started: - Since 1990: research on Oak natural regeneration (now extensive) - ICP Forest Level II plot since 1991 (now extensive) - Since 2003: forest reserve network - Since 2009: systematic observations on Roe deer population

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Latitude: 50.800000000000
Longitude: 4.650000000000

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