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LTSER Zone Atelier Alpes

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The LTSER Zone Atelier Alpes is a research platform that embraces all the French Alps as defined by the European Alpine Convention. The platform hosts several sites dedicated to the long term monitoring of social-ecological systems : one GLORIA site (FR-AME), a large set of permanent plots located along several elevational transects (ORCHAMP project), a network of sentinel alpine pastures, etc. Infrastructures regroups all facilities and observatories maintained by the academic community Univ. Grenoble Alpes. More intensive research investigations concern three master sites: (1) the 'Lautaret-Galibier' master site includes the Station Alpine J. Fourier, an alpine field station member of the Anaee network (2) the 'Arves-Mont Blanc' master site ranges from urbanized valleys to the highest summit of Europe (3) the 'alpine trench Grenoble-Chambéry-Annecy' master site is a large area encompassing the urbanized valleys of the western border of the French Alps (Grenoble-Chambéry-Annecy) and nearby mountain ranges (Vercors, Chartreuse, Belledonne & Bauges). The LTSER Zone Atelier Alpes belongs to LTER-France network and is located in south eastern France.

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1 000 000.00ha

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Our research aims at better understanding the links between climate changes, ecological dynamics, and socio-economic trajectories of mountain landscapes. The LTSER platform fosters collaborative transdisciplinary research involving a range of natural and social scientists (ecologists, agronomists, climatologists, sociologists) and key regional stakeholders from the agriculture, tourism and nature conservation sectors. A particular attention is devoted to the following questions: the relationships between climate, land management and mountain biodiversity and its effects on the provision of ecosystem services, the long-term (Holocene) dynamics of human-nature interactions in the Alps and its legacy on current landscapes, the adaptation and resilience of mountain territories to climate and socio-economic changes.

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Latitude: 44.800000000000
Longitude: 6.400000000000

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