LTSER Northern Negev - Israel

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LTSER Northern Negev

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LTSER Northern Negev

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The LTSER Northern Negev Platform includes four established LTER sites and the area between them. The area includes semi-arid scrubland, agriculture, forested areas of various densities, and various settled areas.

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5 000.00ha

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The overall aim is to contract a model of the northern Negev based on long term observation and experimentation. The model is based on path information theory that relate to two face mosaic of shurb and crust, the objective of the model is restoration of desertification.

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There are five LTER sites in this Platform, the oldest site in this platform was established in 1997 and the newer one in 2000.

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Latitude: 31.496700000000
Longitude: 34.750000000000