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TERENO - Wüstebach
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carbon cycling
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The Wüstebach catchment is located in the Eifel National Park and covers an area of 38.5 ha, with mean altitude of about 610 m. The geology is dominated by Devonian shale, which is covered by a periglacial solifluction layer of about 1–2 m thickness. Cambisols and Planosols have developed on the hillslopes, whereas Gleysols and Histosols have formed in the valley. The main soil texture is silty clay loam and the litter layer has a thickness between 0.5 and 14 cm. The mean annual precipitation is about 1200 mm. Norway Spruce planted in 1946 is the prevailing vegetation type. During late summer/early autumn of 2013, trees were almost completely removed in an area of 9 ha by the national park forest management in order to promote the natural regeneration of near-natural deciduous forest from spruce monoculture forest.
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Investigation of deforestation effects on the ecosystem, hydrological and biogeochemical processes using an integrated observation approach. To this end the site was instrumented to allow for a detailed long-term monitoring of meteorological states and fluxes (above and below the canopy), runoff discharge, groundwater levels, dynamics of soil water content patterns, soil respiration, chemical soil properties, solute concentrations in soil and stream of important elements and stable isotopes, and sediment transport.
The Wüstebach catchment is part of the Lower Rhine Valley-Eifel observatory of TERENO and located within the Eifel National Park. Recently, the National Park forest management started to promote the natural regeneration of near-natural beech forest by removing a significant proportion of the spruce forest that was established for timber production after World War II. Within this context, the effects of such a disturbance on forest ecosystem functioning are currently investigated in a deforestation experiment in the Wüstebach catchment, which is one of the key experimental research sites within the Lower Rhine Valley-Eifel observatory. The deforestation of about 9 ha of Spruce forest took place in summer 2013.
Overview of the TERENO site Wüstebach
EC station on the deforested area
38 m meteorological tower of the TERENO site Wüstebach
Measurement profile of the meteorological tower
Throughfall measurement of the TERENO site Wüstebach
Main gauging station of the TERENO site Wüstebach
Reference gauging station of the TERENO site Wüstebach
Detailed view of a gauging station
Lysimeter station of the TERENO site Wüstebach
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