LTER Fulophaza Site, KISKUN LTER - Hungary

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LTER Fulophaza Site, KISKUN LTER

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LTER Fulophaza is a high diversity site, both in terms of habitats and species, in the Kiskunság Sand Ridge. It harbors some of the central facilities of the KISKUN LTER, such as the meteorological station and the field research station with accommodation opportunities, as well as highly equipped experimental sites, and a couple of long term monitoring sites and field experiments.

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1 000.00ha

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There are two highly equipped field experiments on the site, namely the VULCAN/INCREASE climate simulation experiment and the "extreme drought and precipitation simulation" experiment. There is also restoration and reintroduction research focuses on open sand grassland habitat and includes clear-cut black locust forest experiment, milkweed eradication, seeding by native species, and nitrogen immobilization trials. On a 50 ha monitoring site the vegetation dynamics of the high diversity protected Pannonian sand grassland is studied. Spontaneous restoration after abandonment of cultivation is studied on another 50 ha long-term monitoring site.

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Latitude: 46.877800000000
Longitude: 19.406400000000