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Svartberget Field-research Infrastructure (LTER)
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Svartberget (LTER)
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The Svartberget Field-research Infrastructure hosts several unique long-term field research programs, starting in the early 1920’s when the Experimental Forests were established here. Present research includes studies of the effect of different forest practices, climate change, long-range transport of air pollutants on water quality, full carbon budget of boreal mires and forests and long-term soil-tree interactions with nutrient optimization. These research activities has for decades provided excellent opportunities for international researchers to study natural and human induced impacts on the structure and function of the boreal landscape. To date, more than 1000 scientific publications and 100 PhD-theses have contributions from research performed at Svartberget. A main objective of the ongoing research is to assess the role of external drivers, such as land-use, climate change and nutrient supply on soils and waters in the boreal terrestrial landscape. The main strategy has been to increase the interaction between process-based research, environmental monitoring and improved modelling. The plan for the future is to continue to: 1. Generate long-term monitoring data of high quality 2. Provide a long-term climatic context for the experimental and hypothesis-driven research 3. Contribute towards scientifically based guidelines and models for policy and decisions makers.
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• Landscape assessment of the environmental and societal consequences of enhanced forest production on carbon sequestration, biodiversity and water quality. • Integrated catchment research and monitoring that contribute to the development of new water management models and guidelines. • Investigations of long-term soil-tree interactions under the impact of different external drivers. • Long-term monitoring of the full carbon balance from an oligotrophic boreal mire, including carbon uptake, methane emissions, and runoff export carbon loss.
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Monitoring of the Krycklan catchment
The Rosinedalsheden experimental area
Water sampling in the Krycklan catchment
The boreal forest around the ICOS tower in Svartberget
Monitoring of the Degerö mire
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