LTSER Zone Atelier Pyrénées Garonne - France

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LTSER Zone Atelier Pyrénées Garonne

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The ZA PYGAR covers the whole Garonne river basin up to the upper part of the Gironde estuary (La Reole station). Within this territory, research is structured around 4 main sites: the Pyrénées mountains, covering the upstream part of the Garonne river basin (PYRénées site), the farmland of the foothills of the Pyrénées (Vallées et Coteaux de Gascogne site), the Garonne river (Axe Fluvial Garonne site) and the basin of two tributaries of the Garonne river in the Massif Central moutains (Aveyron-Viaur site).

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5 200 000.00ha

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The main objective of the ZA PYGAR is to study the dynamics and resilience of socio-ecological systems (SES) from prehistoric era to nowadays. THE ZA PYGAR focuses on the interactions (nature and kinetic) between the socio-system and the ecosystem, incorporating spatial transitions along an upstream-downstream gradient, from the Pyrenees and the Massif Central to the Garonne alluvial plain.

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This site has been set up in the 80's by the CNRS within the framework of the Interdisciplinary Research Program on the Environment (PIREN). It was called PIREN Garonne. Then in the 90's it becomes the Zone Atelier Adour-Garonne (ZAAG) including the Adour and Garonne river basins. Since 2015, the Zone Atelier Pyrénées-Garonne (ZA PYGAR) is focussed on the Garonne river basin, including the Pyrenees mountains. The ZA PYGAR was certified by the CNRS-INEE in 2017.

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  • Meteorological station (fluxes tower) (Photo: CESBIO)
    Meteorological station (fluxes tower)
  • Gravel querry (photo: J. Cucherousset)
    Gravel querry (photo: J. Cucherousset)
  • roe deer with  GPS collar (photo: CEFS)
    roe deer with GPS collar (photo: CEFS)
  • Agricultural landscape in the Vallées and Coteaux de Gascogne site
    Agricultural landscape in the Vallées and Coteaux de Gascogne site


Latitude: 43.266700000000
Longitude: 0.850000000000