Campos Rupestres da Serra do Cipó - Brazil

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Campos Rupestres da Serra do Cipó
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climate change
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2019-07-02 16:10:44
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In this new phase of the project we will continue to describe and monitor the mountain climate and its relationship with the dynamics of the flora and its resilience and the response of environmental change indicator taxa; which include the regenerative species bank, ants, butterflies, galling and miner insects and dung beetles. In addition, we will continue to understand the phenology of vegetation and resource pulses in the functioning of the ecosystem, the pollinator-plant mutualistic networks along the altitudinal gradient. We also intend to record such trends in the water resources and archipelago of forest islands that exist in the highest altitudes of Espinhaço. Finally we will describe processes of functioning, resilience and restoration of the mountain ecosystem. We also intend to bring to the local and Brazilian public the risks of the destruction of this unique environment, the importance of its conservation, increase the appreciation to extreme environments like this one and the Cerrado itself, revealed in the government policies and strategies, among many other activities that aim to build bridges between academic knowledge and society in an attempt to pursue environmental and social well-being.
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