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The Spanish LTER network was included in ILTER in 2008. Currently our network contains 9 LTER platforms and 2 LTSER platforms. Six of them are also National Parks (IUCN Category II). The relationship between long term monitoring and protected areas is one of the most relevant ideas behind the Spanish LTER network: our aim is to create long term datasets to understand the structure/functioning of ecosystems as well as to deliver knowledge to aid environmental decision making.

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Research Topics
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biology Researched by 22 sites
ecology Researched by 22 sites
chemistry Researched by 19 sites
biodiversity Researched by 18 sites
meteorology Researched by 18 sites
environmental science Researched by 18 sites
population ecology Researched by 17 sites
species diversity Researched by 17 sites
phenology Researched by 16 sites
plants population changes over time Researched by 16 sites
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biological parameter Researched by 21 sites
ecosystem parameter Researched by 21 sites
atmospheric parameter Researched by 21 sites
precipitation intensity Researched by 18 sites
ecosystem structure Researched by 17 sites
soil parameter Researched by 17 sites
solar radiation Researched by 16 sites
floristic diversity Researched by 16 sites
leaf area ratio Researched by 16 sites
Researched by 16 sites




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