Ramon (RMN) - Israel

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Ramon (RMN)

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The site is located between two bio -geographical zones arid and hyper-arid, the research is carried out by both sides. The arid side is characterized by remains of terraces from the Nabatean agriculture runoff. The main research topics that being studied in the site are: biodiversity, climate change, runoff hydrology. The arid zone is a geo hydrological ecological system which is depended on a combination of rainfall and runoff that creates water enriched parches that support relatively high biodiversity. The hyper arid zone is runoff depended system the source of runoff are stipe, slope consist on bare bedrock, biological activities are constructed in the dry riverbeds that functions as sinks for the runoff generated from the slopes.

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1 000.00ha

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To study the structure and function of arid and hyper-arid ecosystems. The purpose of the site is to study the effect of rainfall and runoff patterns on ecological dynamics that includes population and community properties and ecosystem and landscape processes. In addition the site provides ecosystem management knowledge with emphasis on runoff harvesting for agricultural purposes.

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Latitude: 30.750000000000
Longitude: 34.816700000000