Orgovany Site, KISKUN LTER - Hungary

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Orgovany Site, KISKUN LTER

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Orgovany-Agasegyhaza site for studying production-diversity relations and weather effect of productivity.

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Plant diversity and above-ground biomass and leaf-area index are studied in long term and across fertility gradient using complex sampling scheme based on permanent sampling units.

History of Site: 

In 2003, we chose 16 homogeneous grassland patches (ca. 5 m in diameter) that covered the variation in grassland productivity within one square-km area. This resulted in a relatively wide range of biomass values which made it easier to estimate relationship between biomass proxies and actual biomass. We sampled one, randomly located 0.5 m× 0.5 m plot in each patch in each year between 2003 and 2012, and in every even years since then. Patches are permanent, but plots within patches are not permanent to avoid the effect of disturbance due to repeated sampling.

Research Topics: 


  • KISKUN LTER, Orgovany site, spectroradiometer
    KISKUN LTER, Orgovany site, measurement of NDVI using Cropscan spectioradiometer
  • KISKUN LTER, Orgovany site, open sand grassland
    KISKUN LTER, Orgovany site, open sand grasslad quadrat for biomass estimation


Latitude: 46.783300000000
Longitude: 19.466700000000

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