afo_13: Obergurgl, AT, vegetation skislope, 2008

Basic Information
Vegetation data of the Festkogel-skislope in Obergurgl compared to outside of slope-vegetation is presented.
Within the project "Footprints; integrative research in the Oetztal valley" (2005-2009), the development of the village Obergurgl and Vent was studied.
This was tied on the project Man-and-Biosphere, the model-study in the 70ies and 80ies.
The project was structured in three phases. Within the last phase, the vegetation of ski slopes in Obergurgl was recorded to compare the skislope-vegetation with the surrounding, natural vegetation.
Therefore, three transects were established along an altitudinal gradient from skislope-bottom (1930 m a.s.l.) to skislope-top (2893 m a.s.l.).
Locality: Festkogel skislope in Obergurgl, Tyrol, Austria
Vegetation-records were made from 07.08.2008 to 26.08.2008
In sum, 118 vegetation records were made (one record=one plot). Those records are distributed in 40 parallel record-points.

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