afo_09: Obergurgl, AT, Glacierforeland vegetation, 1996-1999

Basic Information
Vegetation and environmental data were collected during the summers 1996-1999 along two lateral-transects and two longitudinal-transects of the Rotmoos valley glacierforeland
Successional pattern of the vegetation on the area exposed by glacial retreat was recorded by studying discontinuous plots.
All plots have a size of 1 m²; vegetational records were made using a metal frame of 1m²
The lateral-transects were located across morainic ridges formed by intermittent glacial retreats in 1858 and 1923. Vegetation records were made in 1996 and 1997
The longitudinal-transects ranched from the glacier-tounge (1996) to the terminal moraine from 1858. Vegetation records were made in 1998 and1999.
Additionally soil samplings were taken and pH-values were determined in each plot.
Also soil moisture factors were estimated along the lateral-transect.
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