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The Lammi LTER area is located 130 km north of Helsinki, 35 km east of the city of Hämeenlinna and 40 km west of the city of Lahti in uplands between two major river basins, i.e. rivers Kokemäenjoki and Kymijoki. The Lammi LTER area consists of several core sites/areas from which the Evo Forest and Lake Area (EVO) is the largest one and has a special value in terms of long term ecological studies. Another important study area is Lake Pääjärvi and its surroundings. The EVO area is among the largest coniferous forest areas in southern Finland. Lake Pääjärvi and its surroundings have been studied since early 1960s as a result of the establishment of the Lammi Biological Station in 1953 by the University of Helsinki.
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Lake Pääjärvi

Lake Pääjärvi

Measuring platform on Lake Valkea-Kotinen

Measuring platform on Lake Valkea-Kotinen

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