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ICP_Forests_Austria, Klausen-Leopoldsdorf (ICP_FO_AU09)

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Based on the CLRTAP UN-Convention LTER Klausen-Leopoldsdorf was established as part of the International Co-operative Programme on Assessment and Monitoring of Air Pollution Effects on Forests (ICP Forests) with support of EU in 1995. The site is part of the EU-Level II Forest Monitoring System and, in 2006, part of the LTER Austria network. Monitoring and research focus on air pollution effects on forest and (its interaction with) climate change. Klausen-Leopoldsdorf is managed by BFW and many national and international researchers have used the site and its experimental site extensions. LTER Klausen-Leopoldsdorf was and is part of preparatory projects for European Research Infrastructure (ALTERNet, ExpeER, eLTER). The site is fully equipped to monitor climate and soil hydrology, is accessible by car, has remote data access and solar power supply. N, DOC and major elements in deposition and soil water are monitored fortnightly. Carbon other than in soil and in catchment runoff is not monitored but during the last 3-5 years soil respiration was part of a number of projects (manual measurements). Tree biomass growth (annual) is also part of the standard monitoring program. The site is situated in the Vienna Wood at 510 m a.s.l., the homogenous 70 years-old beech stand conforms to the potential natural vegetation. Current infrastructure encompasses 2 meteorological stations (stand, open land), throughfall collectors, an installation for soil temperature and soil moisture measurements, soil solution samplers, litter collectors, throughfall and wet deposition collectors as well as stem flow collectors. All soil and soil water analyses are carried out at BFW, data and metadata are stored and administrated within the in-house data bases. The site offers data sets from numerous national and international projects like CCN-Adapt, EXPEER, ENVEUROPE, FUTMON, BioSoil, MICDIF, NOFRETETE, CarboEurope, NITROEUROPE and GHG Europe, therefore comprising, among others, DNA and PLFA-analyses of the mineral soil, a soil fauna inventory, vegetation inventories, GHG fluxes (N2O, methane, CO2) plus ozone and NOx, 15N-mineralisation, 15N nitrification and a full set of soil chemical and soil physical parameters.

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forest monitoring

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  • View of the sample plot with numbered trees
  • Deposition sampler, dendrometer and data logger


Latitude: 48.083300000000
Longitude: 16.000000000000